Thursday, 31 January 2008

FT Day weekend.. Club Med here I come

It's Thursday today but it sure as hell feels like a Friday! That's cos tmrw is the Federal Territory Day! And the next day is my dad's birthday.

This year's present: A 6 disc compilation of country and western songs complete with a songbook so he can sing and play along with his guitar.

Mom has planned a small party at home for some godsiblings and a couple of close friends. She ordered Indian food from Bombay Palace.. Yum..

Unfortunately, I will not be home for Dad's birthday this year. We are having a Malaysia office offsite in Club Med Cherating. I'm dragging Rommel along so he's driving.. Hey, free flow of all house pouring drinks 24/7! I think we might just be stuck by the bar the whole time. Haha..

I've been super duper busy the past few days so today, I feel like just taking a break and chill.

Am not in the mood to work, although I have organised everything I need to do, done everything that needs urgent attention and made the necessary arrangements for everything else.. I think..

I've even made my list of things to bring to Club Med for quicker and stress-free packing tonight. I've emailed the list to myself so I can check it via my Blackberry too. I know I know, how much more annoyingly organised must I be??

Since Rommel and Geraldine's husband Ashraf are driving there, we were thinking of meeting up beforehand by the public beach to have a picnic (we can only go into the resort after 2pm so we have time to kill).

Our current picnic menu:
Egg and mayo sandwiches
Tuna sandwiches
Cocktail sausages
Cupcakes or cookies if I have time to bake tonight

I initially thought of getting drinks but we can just buy on the way... at least then it'll be nice and cold (I hope).

Also, I've just read on Jen's blog that she's in SG already. Shd be coming back to KL soon I hope! I havent yet met up with Yee Leng.. I dunno.. She must be busy I suppose. I'll try and call when I get back.

Okay Im getting a bit random.. Maybe cos Im feeling restless.. Too much coffee and tea today I think. Turrah!


-:: Priscilla ::- said...

Menu sounds good! :P

I can also be like that sometimes (horrifyingly organized, I mean). You'd be surprised. Especially when it comes to coursework. I usually email my coursework to myself in 3 different emails, upload it to 2 different file managing sites and carry it around with me at all times on a pendrive, just so I won't lose it at all.

Paranoid, much?


-:: Priscilla ::- said...

I reread that and I sound really dead. But in my defense, it's 3.30am! I got up cos I suddenly remembered a form I was to hand in if I wanted to change my electives, so here I am!

Oh have loads of fun in wherever you said you were going! I'm gonna sleep now. Babai