Friday, 3 April 2009

Piggin' Out: Penang hawker food

Foodie trip to Penang over the weekend with Joyce and Arnaud...

Part of our plan was to have a full-blown Penang hawker food feast (what else do you go to Penang for really??)

So we headed to the stalls along Jln Macalister near the Sunway Hotel. I'd eaten there a couple of years ago with my mom and a few clients and remembered it was pretty good.

Our dinner included....

Grilled stingray
(rather thin slice but pretty tasty)

Kam heong-style stir fried lala
(pretty good, fresh and decent portion)

Leng chee kang

Char kuey teow
(which sadly was not up to par at all)

BBQ chicken wings
(too sweet)

Pork satay
(not too bad, something we don't usually get since it's pork)

(I thought it was too wet and so I didn't like it but it was Arnaud's second time trying it after his first time in Singapore and he said it was way better than what he had there!)

Tom yum noodles
(not too bad but I've had better ones)


allie said...

guess you stepped to the wrong place for good hawker food huh? :p

Petrina said...

Hi thanks for visiting!

Sigh yes unfortunately we were unlucky to have gone to the wrong place. The thing is I remember eating there with my mom years ago and it was pretty decent food. Perhaps things have changed over the years.