Sunday, 2 March 2008

Review on Chukai and Kampung Cherating food

Finally after weeks of procrastinating, I've uploaded the pics from our roadtrip to Chukai and Kampung Cherating, en route to Club Med.

First up, we had breakfast in Chukai. Geraldine and Ashraf had previously eaten at Tin Kam Leng kopitiam. I can't remember for the life of me right now where this place was again.. But yea, i's really discreet, it's somewhere in Chukai. Sorry.. I have a bad memory!

Anyway Tin Kam Leng sells Kari Mee served without santan. And a lightly poached ikan kembung with a dash of sambal. YUM.

We also ordered some other fish cos every other table had it. I have no idea what this fish was but it wasnt as tasty as the kembung.

This is how the kopitiam looks like:

I wanted to try nasi dagang so we headed to the Chukai market and bought a packet from this lady. Unfortunately, by the time I was hungry enough to eat it, it had gone bad in the car.

While waiting for 2pm to arrive (we could only enter Club Med after 2pm), we hung out at Kampung Cherating. This place below was so cool... Totally chilled out.

My mee soto (above) and Rommel's parpadelle pasta (below). Not bad la.. Cheap too.