Friday, 14 March 2008

It's Friday evening and I'm still in the office. Why? Cos its raining and there's a bad traffic jam outside. I dont understand it, why must there be a traffic jam when it rains?

In any case, I'm supposed to have a class today. But work comes first so I'm in the office. And by the time I want to leave, it's too late. Class is only for 2 hours today... extra class because they couldnt finish the syllabus during Monday's class I think.. I dunno. I wasn't there. Couldn't go. Work.

I feel like baking muffins today. Nice fluffy muffins that ooze out of the muffin tins as they bake.
I also feel like roasting lamb. I have no idea why. Craving for a nice piece of lamb. Or beef.

Oh yes, that reminds me, there's a kobe beef promo going on at Prime at Le Meridien apparently. Read it on Lyrical Lemongrass' blog. *click here*

I can't wait to try that. I told my dad about it last night. He didn't seem too keen though. Perhaps a lil bit more persuasion on my part is needed to get him to try Prime.

Speaking of trying things, we are going for the Bobby Chinn event at Shook! next week. You know, the half-Egyptian, half-Chinese dude on Travel & Living's World Cafe Asia. Anyway, he's coming to town and will be cooking at Shook! this coming Wednesday (19th). Since my mom and I are both YTL Platinum Plus members, we pay RM150++ while my dad and Rommel will have to pay RM200++. I think that's how it works. And we members also get his autographed cook book for free too.
I'm really curious to try his food cos a colleague and fellow foodie has actually eaten in his restaurant in Hanoi and she didn't think it was all that great!
Another thing, I had lunch with my ex-colleagues today since Pei Wan has come back from Melbourne for a visit. We went to Crystal Jade in Pavilion.. Over-ordered as usual and we stuffed our faces while yakking away. We still had leftovers so Chee Sing packed them back for his colleague. Haha.. Pigs we are. It was great though, meeting everyone in a group again. I do miss the times I had working with them. I felt it was great company and we all got along pretty well.
Aunty Lena has just called the office and said that she's forgotten to take home some durian puffs she bought from the Grand Millenium Hotel. So now I have 3 boxes full of durian puffs cos we have to eat them today as they go bad easily. Now, to find people who will be willing to eat them. Rommel and Evelyn both dont like durian. Ma and Pa most probably will only have 1 piece shared. Shd I drive to church now since there is a charismatic group meeting tonight and that's where the parents are right now? I know for sure that there is always ppl who will want to eat it there. Hehe..
Anyway, I think the traffic is improving now. Whatever. I need to get out of the office. It's the weekend!!
P/s: Shen... I've put in money into your a/c and Fatty's a/c. Both of you go and check.


Priscilla said...

O_O OMG the ONE time you guys have spare durian puffs and I'm not home!! *goes nuts*

Today's been a sucky day and I'm mood-swinging and PMSing, so I feel like crying. Boo. Plus I think I've got the shits.

Priscilla said...

Oh I just checked my bank account - thanks for the money!! ^_^