Sunday, 15 March 2009

Knit FO: Basic crochet bolero No.2

How odd that I'm posting about Bolero No.2 before I even took any picture of Bolero No.1! But I wore No.1 to work on Friday and so it's now in the wash.

I made both No.1 and No.2 last month. Simple, easy and quick pick-me-up projects - a great boost since they are so easy and so quick to make. No.2 was made with smaller needles for a tighter gauge (and smaller size) and will be given to one of my younger cousins as a belated birthday present.

Yarn: Sublime cashmerino silk aran in duck egg blue.
Hook: Japanese hook size 7.
Notes: No.2 was made following the simple single crochet border pattern (the picture on the left in the book) whereas No.1 was made with the frilly border (picture on the right).


Priscilla said...

Oh wow, it looks so cute and so small! :D Really looks like the picture!! Is this the one for Vanessa? Whoever it goes to, take pictures of them wearing it!!

Petrina said...

Yes this will go to Vanessa.... but I havent given it to her yet!

Tru said...

Is this a child's size? Could I get the pattern?

Petrina said...

Hi you can easily adjust the sizes by using thinner yarns and smaller crochet hooks. For this, I made it in a rather tight gauge which was good since my first version ended up being too loose after washing.

Sorry I can't read Japanese and so I dont know the title of this book but the ISBN no. is ISBN978-4-02-190430-1. It's the bolero on pages 24-27. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Can you please send met the pattern for the bolero to:
Ella - South Africa