Monday, 9 March 2009

Piggin' Out: The C. Club, Pavilion KL

Restaurant: The C. Club
Location: Level 6, Pavilion KL
Tel: 603 2141 3160
Other reviews: A whiff of lemongrass, Jules

Rommel has been wanting to try The C. Club for a while now but we don't usually go downtown during the weekends. Mom and I eat here rather regularly because of business lunches and (for me) because it's so near my office. So, at his request, we finally dragged ourselves over to Pavilion on Saturday.

I must say, business seems so much quieter on weekends. We were the only table here at 1pm. Which, to me, is not a bad thing because service can get super slow on weekdays when the restaurant is full - this is why I wouldn't recommend having lunch here if you're in a hurry.

So anyway, let's start with the drinks. I ordered one of their specials (which is listed on one of the front pages of their menu/catalogue/magazine) - the ginger beer. Not too sweet, really gingery (which I like) and icey cold (which I needed after being parched the whole morning). You can tell I was thirsty cos I had half the drink before I remembered to take a picture.

For starters, we shared the scallop and foie gras with caramelised onions. This is my second time trying this dish (the first was when I was introduced to it by TC and Cal a long time back). We found the foie gras not fatty enough (sinful, I know) but smooth in texture and really complemented the scallop. Apologies as I was pretty hungry so we'd gobbled it up and the salad that we'd also ordered to share before I remembered to take a picture. So here's what it looked like in the menu.

For mains, I had the shredded duck confit spaghetti with rocket leaves and sundried tomatoes. I think my dad will like this dish. It has 2 of his favourite foods - duck and rocket leaves. Plus, it wasn't oily at all. I usually order pasta when I have lunch here - either this or the mushroom risotto.

Rommel opted for steak. The grilled aged beef with wasabi and sea urchin butter served with wakame, broccolini and tempura shimeji mushroom, to be exact. At RM69, one cannot expect the beef to be great and, rightfully, it wasn't the best steak we've had. But, taste-wise, it was pretty good. Interesting combo with the wakame...

I really wanted to take this home:

It has a "C" on it so if we had it at home, we can serve drinks with it and tell ppl it's the family crest. Yea, right.

All in all, I rather like this place because the food's been pretty consistent all the times I've eaten there. There's not so much of a crowd too (esp compared to Kampachi) so if you're entertaining clients at lunch, it's quiet enough to talk. My main issue with the place is the slow service during "peak hours" - although I've never seen the restaurant actually packed. Decor is nothing much to look at, as Rommel had put it, it looks nicer from the outside.