Friday, 15 May 2009

Piggin' Out: Chicken rice at Supertanker

Restaurant: Extra Supertanker
Location: Bukit Utama Golf Club
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My dad has been talking about the chicken rice cooked by the chef here in the new Supertanker... whom we know as Kou Lou... He was previously from the Overseas Restaurant in Armada and my dad had heard from some of his friends that Kou Lou's chicken rice was pretty good.

An opportunity came when we had bring over all the stuff for the Roof fund-raising dinner. We'd already spent the whole day getting everything sorted (not to mention the weeks of preparation before that). So everyone was pretty tired by the time we got there and wanted something simple..

My dad had already expected this and pre-ordered the chicken rice. We had two types of chicken - neutered chicken and kampung chicken... Couldn't really taste much difference actually.

We also had a platter of siew yoke, char siu and roast duck, deep fried squid, deep fried brinjal and stir fried veg...

And the verdict? I quite liked it. The chicken was alright... and you could tell it was good quality chicken. The rice was fragrant (which meant a lot of fat was used). The chilli sauce was a bit disappointing. I think we make better chilli sauce at home.

Will I order this there again? I dont think so. I'm happy with the one we cook at home. Simple and nice.


Priscilla said...

Mmmmm looks good... But yeah, I really like the one we cook at home :D I especially love the chilli sauce and the onion sauce Pa makes! Mmmmmm my favourite.