Monday, 4 May 2009

Kampachi May promotion:

Kampachi at Hotel Equatorial KL is having a scallop promotion for the month of May. Scallops from the Aomori prefecture, Japan, cooked teppan-style and served with shimeji and enoki mushrooms and garnished with sliced spring onions.

I saw it in the papers on 30 April and got so excited, Rommel and I headed there the next day for lunch to check it out! RM68 per portion. Oooh..... I think I might just pop by tomorrow lunchtime again to have this since my office is just across the street. Anyone want to come along?


Priscilla said...

Ooooh yummmmm it looks even better than what I was picturing in my mind when you told me about this!! ;_;

Oh, not going to Singaland? Is ok, when we go there, I also wanna go to Blum and buy another big load of dresses!! :D Btw, can you try on some of the dresses in my cupboard? Ever since I lost weight, they don't fit so well anymore :( My hot pink tube dress is so loose there's an inch-wide gap between the dress and my chest!

Petrina said...

I wanna get more dresses too but first I need to clear my cupboard for more space!!