Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Piggin' Out: T-Cafe, Cameron Highlands

Restaurant: T-Cafe
Location: Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Directions: Just on top of Marrybrowns in Tanah Rata, across from the bus station. The entrance is a small stairway on the left.

Rommel and I first came here 2 years ago after I'd read about it in the Cameron Highlands website. Absolutely loved the scones here. And the prices are pretty affordable too. There were 9 of us, we each had a drink (teas were going for about RM1.90), we had 5 servings of scones, a chocolate cake, a strawberry cheesecake, 1 strawberry crepe and 2 apple pies. The bill came up to RM58.

The highlight: the freshly baked, homemade scones with homemade jam, butter and cream. The only thing missing is good cornish clotted cream. I actually went to the Village Grocer in search for it and Rommel search Cold Storage in the Gardens but we couldn't get any clotted cream to bring along. :(

Chocolate cake....

Strawberry crepe...

Strawberry cheesecake...

Apple pie, served warm with vanilla ice cream..

And we had this about an hour after we had the lunch in Restoran Tringkap. So we're pigs. We know. After that, we went to the Brinchang pasar malam where we also pigged out and then came back to the hotel for a 3 course dinner.

Yup, definitely pigs.