Sunday, 12 October 2008

Piggin' Out: Elegant Inn, KL

Restaurant: Elegant Inn, Menara Hap Seng, Jln P Ramlee, KL
Verdict: Pricey but yummy!

For yesterday's dinner, Pa, Rommel and I headed to Elegant Inn after much deliberation (the other choice was to go to Max but we've been there a bit too often of late!).

We started off with the mud crab, stir fried with salted egg yolk. Sorry I was too hungry to take a picture of the crab before we gobbled it up. The crab itself was large and meaty, the sauce was not as thick as how it's usually served at other places but I like it this was as well. Not too rich. Here is a teaser of what was left..

We kept things simple for the rest of the meal : stir fried bittergourd....

(really crisp, not bitter at all and really fragrant)

.... chiew pai tofu...

(Homemade, very soft and delicate texture, accompanied by blanched stems of brocolli)

....sliced pork cheek stir fried with black bean sauce...

(recommended by Wendy who took our order, interesting texture, rather chewy but in a good way, loved the freshness and crispness of the bells peppers that came with it)

.... and finally, the fried rice... came highly recommended by my dad's friends when they ate there just a few days ago.

(At first bite, I thought it was rather bland but then I was comparing it to my benchmark fried rice in London - the harm yu kai lap chao fan or salted fish and diced chicken cubes fried rice from Royal China, Baker Street (I used to tar pau it home all the time). But as Pa had put it, you will slowly be able to taste its subtle flavours while slowly chewing on the rice.

Feeling slightly incomplete, we ordered the warm shuet kap with almond tong sui for dessert. Pa is trying to perfect his almond tong sui "formula" so we had to check out how the pros do it! Glad to say that Pa's recent attempt with the almond soup came out pretty similar to what we had yesterday. He double boiled some bird's nest soup and added the powdered almond in a few minutes before turning off the fire. Yummm...

All in all, a pretty good meal.


Katherine Josh said...

i've been drinking bird nest soup every night (i only get the homemade kind back at home). the only reason why i drink it is because it's supposed to be good for complexion.

i’ve been taking the store-bought kind online (e.g. of famous branded only of course) which is directly mailed from Hong Kong. this would be at a more affordable price.