Friday, 4 September 2009

Knit FO: Kitteh curtain

Finally some pictures!

Here is my first attempt at crocheting curtains.... I basically took a template from cats-themed Japanese knitting book and converted it into a filet crochet pattern. Simple simple. I couldn't decide what to use to hang the curtain up. I thought about crocheting little strings to this and tie them to the rod but was running out of yarn. In the end, I went to the hardware shop and bought some plastic shower curtain rings which works much better in the bathroom compared to metal ones!

The cotton yarn I used was bought for RM2/ball from Sally who got them really cheap in Ho Chi Minh City.


Vera, Andre, Willy and Gaby said...

Hi Petrina, i'm vera, i also like knitting, i stay in Ho Chi Minh City, but before i stayed in Kuala Lumpur, there i did knitting by going to a shop at Sungei Wang n it shop's name is Lily handycraft..but my knitting skill still not so good, now i want to learn again about knitting n crochet but i dn't know where to go in HCMC..may be yu know the place here where i can go to learn knitting pls...n also the shop where you bought the yarn..thx a lot ya..

Petrina said...

Hi Vera,

Thank you very much for stopping by! Sorry I cannot be of much help on where to buy the yarn in HCMC since I bought it from another person in KL. I remember she said she bought it from 2 old ladies who were selling it outside Ben Thanh market. Hope that helps!