Friday, 29 August 2008

Piggin' Out: KL - The George and Dragon

Restaurant: The George and Dragon
Place: Bangsar Shopping Centre, KL
Cuisine: Gastropub
Verdict: Probably the closest I can get to authentic pub grub in KL

Last night, Rommel, Fatteh and I had to go out for dinner and buy groceries cos we pretty much ran out of food at home. (The 2 fridges were almost empty, amazingly)

So it was either Bangsar Village or BSC since I don't really buy groceries anywhere else. And then we ended up in The George and Dragon cos Rommel and I wanted to eat there once on a Friday night but couldn't get a table so ended up eating in Alexis (which was disappointing btw so I didn't blog about it).

So anyway, we pigged out big time last night. The table next to us kept looking over to see how much we'd ordered.

The Food:
- Scotch eggs (Pretty good)
- Escargot with cheese sauce (Still prefer Monte's for escargot anytime)
- Caesar salad (Was rather sad, too much dressing)
- Bangers and mash (I had a major craving for it. Not too bad but of course can't compare to what I'd get back in London)
- Steak and kidney pie (This was good stuff, approved by Fatteh who is now almost half-Brit anyway)
- Roasted pork knuckle (Good stuff again. Looked really huge but that's cos there was a really big bone. But the meat was really tender while the skin was still crispy. Took a while to come but it was worth it!)

The Beverages:
- I had a pint of Snake Bite - a flashback into my uni days when I'd gatecrash the Imperial College parties and my BFF Joycie introduced it to me. Loved it ever since. Prety much a girl's beer since its really sweet.
- Rommel had a pint of Kilkenny, same ol' same ol'
- Fatteh had a glass of Old Speckled Hen and one more type of beer but I cant remember its name right now. Starts with B.... Dang I'm getting old. But I remember the Old Speckled Hen because it tasted nice, had a sweet aftertaste similar to the Honey beer in Borough Market.

So yea, I'm definitely going back there when I need my pub grub fix.