Thursday, 16 October 2008

Knit FO: Lydia cowl

I actually completed this a month ago but have never blogged about it. Perhaps it's because I was not too happy with the outcome.

Shen, in case you don't remember, this was what I was knitting in London (remember me knitting while we were waiting for the bus near your place?).

Knitting stats:

Yarn: Lydia by The Plucky Knitter (100 Perfect Blue Faced Leicester).

Yardage: 400 yards
Needles: 4mm circulars
Pattern: from my Chinese hats knitting book.

The picture below is how it would be as a cowl:

And if you wanted it as a cap instead of a cowl, you can tighten the i-cord to seal one end and you have a cap!


CUMI & CIKI said...

that's pretty! can you knit that into a tube? i'd wear it! lol :D

Petrina said...

Hi! Yes shouldn't be a problem making a tube. In fact, I'm actually in the process of making one. However, I'll be crocheting the straps to make it into a tank top instead.