Monday, 21 January 2008

Restaurant review: Abeno Too, London

My sis' friend Mel took her to Abeno Too in Covent Garden and so she's written a review on it for here. The Abeno chain are okonomiyaki bars (that's how I call it anyway) where the staff cook the okonomiyaki in front of you on a hot plate.

(Courtesy of my sis)

Location: Very convenient - It's located on Great Newport Street, which is just off Charing Cross Road. Extremely easy to find - just across the road from Cafe de Hong Kong! There is also a sister restaurant called 'Abeno' which is on Museum Street, near Tottenham Court Road station.

Ambience: Clean, bright, warm, friendly people, overall a 'good' feel to it

What they serve: The main highlight is okonomi-yaki (Japanese pancake), although they do serve other stuff, like this thing we tried... It's like omu-rice but instead of flavoured rice inside the omelette, it's got yaki-soba in it!

Selection of food: Not many different varieties, but for what they have, there are many different flavours/mixes! The okonomi-yaki we had was called the Oosaka mix, and apart from the cabbage, there was squid, bacon and kimchi. It wasn't spicy at all and really delicious!

Best thing is, for the okonomi-yaki, the waiter will come to your table with a mixing bowl filled with the batter and little mounds of the various ingredients used in the dish. They then mix it on the spot for you, and fry it on the griddle on your table right in front of you! They do all the cooking too ^____^

Warning: The place will stink up your hair and clothes!!

Highly recommended for a visit, for those who are in London!! Will remember to bring Patty there - he seemed really interested when I told him."

(Thanks Shen!!)

Well, now my own comments: Yes I've been there before and I believe that I've mentioned this place to you, Shen. We've walked past this place numerous times but I suppose you didnt notice. I think I've even shown Pa the restauran before!

But yea, food's interesting and good but after I learnt to make my own okonomiyaki, I never went back cos I could just make it at home!!

Yes take Patty there and see what he thinks. I think he'll like it too.