Friday, 18 January 2008

Finally it's Friday..

At last the end of the week arrives. You have no idea how much I want to go home, crawl into bed and zzzzz.. But, it is just after lunch and there's a couple of hours more to go before I can go home.

Today we catered from Bombay Palace for lunch in the office and I think we all over-ate. Then again, what's new! Haha.. Am feeling REALLLY sleepy now. It doesnt help that I've not had enough sleep for the past 2 weeks. Oh yes, I took pics when the rest were setting up the stuff for lunch but I dont have the thingy to connect the camera to my laptop right now.

I've not had time to anything on my lilac top and I'm actually thinking of bringing something else to work on in Singapore. Something easy to knit, fast and hopefully done in those few days that I'm there. Maybe a hat? A scarf? I can start on the shawl I always wanted to... Or the black vest in one of those books I got from Kinokuniya... I dunno.. tbc..

Anyway, I'm to read this book called "Who moved my cheese?" for our offsite next month.. Yummy, short book and there's even a parody of it.. "Who stole my cheese?" which I bought as well..

Speaking of books, I was reading the Malaysia's 2008 Best Restaurants book from Amex/Tatler last night as bedtime reading (Okay okay I know this type of reading may not really constitute as reading a book but I just wanted something I neednt use much of my brain).
So anyway, I've decided to perhaps list down the restaurants in there and tick off where I have tried, and what I want to try..

Back to work now! Ta!