Monday, 7 January 2008

Kinokuniya shopping spree

Place: Kinokuniya book store, Suria KLCC

My sister's heaven on earth, I believe this place is. In fact, I can say it's my next heaven after John Lewis' haberdashery section in its Oxford Street, London store. Anyhow, its one of our favourite haunts in KL.. during this one trip we made before my sister went back to London, we spent 2 hours just in Kinokuniya and didnt bother going anywhere else in KLCC. (Mind you we had just come back from Singapore then and bought loads of clothes so there was not much point shopping for clothes)

Enough words - I just wanted to post pics of my new books. Some day I'll include pics of my other craft books as well. I've already started documenting my yarn - took pictures and all so I'll post them up soon. Next will be the books...

Anyway, here they are. Sorry, no description on the books since I cant read Japanese and my sis isnt here to translate!

But first: my current project - a lace long-sleeved top in lilac - made from cotton yarn so that I can wear it in KL. Still WIP - still doing the front part so far..

My new books:

This first one I can comment about cos its a English book. I love the name.. Romantic knits. Author: Annie Modessit, Publisher: Potter Craft. I love collecting these books. Whether I actually do any of the projects is another matter. I just like reading them.
(This is similar to how my sis and I buy loads of cookbooks but never really cook)

I think this last one is my favourite of the lot cos its all just crochet motifs which you can make loads of and stitch up together to make something larger. I love it that I am allowed to use my imagination and come up with something totally unique. My first project using this motifs will have to be a shawl.. I need a nice one for the office. That can go in my "projects I want to do" list. G'nite..


-:: Priscilla ::- said...

Oooh, from the photos, I'll just tell you what the titles are of the 2nd and 4th Japanese books.. The 2nd one is called "Wonderful Missus: Spring and Summer Collection" I think it says, meaning the book is probably meant for older women? I remember flipping through a sample of that book in Singapore too, now that I think about it.

The 4th one, your favourite, says "Motifs and Edgings 300". Can't read the rest of it cos it's too small, but there your have it ^^

Haven't visited this blog in a while.. o_O Haven't updated mine in a while either! Hehehehe...