Monday, 21 January 2008

Shopping in Sunny Singapore

Hello, I'm blogging from Sunny Singapore today. Am here for training and have some free time. I wanted to put some pics and had some stuff to write yesterday but I didnt manage to cos:

1) I needed to pay for the internet connection in the hotel which I was unwilling to do.
2) I forgot to bring my camera cables so I couldnt upload the pics into my laptop.
3) I was too tired after hectic shopping (will elaborate in a while)
4) I was busy knitting and watching E! all evening.

Now shopping first... I arrived in SG at about 1pm, checked into the hotel at around 2pm, washed up a bit and took pics of my room ( I have a HUGE room btw, I can do cartwheels in it).

Went out ard 3pm, first walked around the area trying to find the way to the office. So funny, I made a long long route.. But its okay, I managed to familiarise myself with the area... I think..

Took the MRT from Raffles Place to Orchard (4 stops). It's been years since I took the MRT in Singapore. I usually come with my parents so my dad will drive. Or if I'm with my mom then we just take cabs (I doubt you'll ever catch my mom on the MRT unless absolutely necessary).

I got lost in the Orchard station cos I remembered there was a connecting link to Wisma Atria. Well, that link's been closed and under some construction works. I had to walk outside in the rain to get to Atria.

Here's what I bought yesterday:
1) a new LV limited edition bag which I pre-ordered and paid for during my Xmas trip. It was pretty cool cos there was a long queue of people waiting to go in to the shop and I just had to walk up to the door and say I was here to collect my bag. Voila, I went in.. (Okay okay I can be such a brat sometimes). Anyway, it's not my bag. I was just picking it up for mommy.

2) Nike running shoes. I needed a new pair of sports shoes. My old ones were training shoes and so not really suitable for running per se. Got it in Ngee Ann City, 40% discount, white with a hint of bronze/brown... sort of..

3) More lingerie from Une Nana Cool, Ngee Ann City. The shop lady is such a danger.. she makes us try everything and then buy everything!! Haha.. Shen, I got you something too. And she gave me a member's card and 2 free pjs - the nice and comfy kind!

4) Baby yellow coloured pointy shoes from Heeren. Since I was alone, I could slowly shop in Heeren as there isnt anyone waiting for me to finish. Nice shoes for the office. S$23.90 only so it was a good buy.

5) 2 tops and a bangle from Future State. Took pics, to post later.

I think that's about it. Not bad for 2 hours of shopping. I then went back to the hotel and pretty much stayed in my room the whole night.

Ordered room service for an early dinner since I didnt have lunch - the chesseburger as usual. Have I ever mentioned this thing I have for ordering room service burgers. The best I ever had was the one in Andaman, Langkawi. Of course, that one burger cost RM60.. So anyway, the Fullerton burger, I must say, is almost as good. I also had a smoothie, a bananacado.. quite nice.

I also ordered breakfast in this morning since our room rate doesnt include breakfast. Simple wholemeal toast with butter and honey.. and a Morning call smoothie. I'm into my smoothie phase from the looks of it. Ta!


-:: Priscilla ::- said...

Waaaai, une nana cool!!! I've really been promoting it to all my Singaporean friends :P

Yay, send me a care package! Lol :P Nahh, it's ok. I just want my camera charger! :P

I'm gonna send you a book soon. I saw it in Borders and immediately thought of you, so I bought it to torture you. HAHA. I'll send it together with the CD Auntie Lena gave us (I accidentally brought it back) and Pa's birthday card.

You really did buy alot for 2 hours of shopping o_O did you go back to Blum?

Enjoy and take care!


Danielle Bumblebee said...

ooo.. i'm going to singapore this friday to see the bf's fam.. any other shopping recommendations?

also, do u know if they have david yurman in singapore? i've been eyeing a ring for the longest time..

Petrina said...

Hey Jen!

Hmmm never heard of David Yurman actually, then again Im not really a jewellery person. Dont have any recollection of seeing the name anywhere. Sorry!