Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Piggin' Out - London: Kulu Kulu Sushi

Restaurant: Kulu Kulu Sushi
Address: 51-53, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9HE
Tel: 0871 075 7122
Reviews: London Eating
Verdict: My fav sushi bar in town. And approved by my dad! (It's not easy for a Japanese restaurant to get his seal of approval..)

I always make it a point to eat here every time I come back to London and this time, I really had to bring Rommel here after telling him so much about it. When I was in London last September with my dad and sis, we went there twice during our 1 week stay!!

So what's good here? I love their tempura and salmon handroll. I used to go in after uni and eat 5 of that, pay and go home. Nowadays, they pre-fry the tempura beforehand so it's not as hot and crunchy as it was before. But still tastes good! And the quality of the seaweed they use is good. That is really important to me. Hate cheap quality seaweed which is why I rarely eat handrolls anywhere else.

Shen and I also love their deep fried chicken (tori karaage) and their breaded hamburger and their gyoza and their potato salad (one of the best I've had!).

My dad enjoys their sushi because he says the sushi rice is good. So far, not many restaurants in the world gets my dad's approval for sushi rice. Even top rated restaurants in KL such as Gonbei at Starhill and Wasabi at Mandarin Oriental have failed to please him.

Anyway, here are pics from the end of our meal there. We were too hungry and greedily grabbed all the dishes off the belt and starting chomping straight away.

I miss Kulu Kulu already.... Sigh.. I used to live just down the road on St Martin's Lane so I ate here rather regularly..

More London/ Barcelona / Lourdes reviews to come!