Thursday, 10 July 2008

Yarn yarn yarn!!!!

For the past few days, every time I step into my room, this glorious sight is the first thing I see, all pile onto my luggage that has been left open.

And mind you, my luggage is HUGE. When it's closed and propped upright, it's up to my upper waist!

And here is my brand new yarn winder. My sister is addicted to it. Teehee. Cost 30quid though but I only found in at Loop despite having visited various other London stores. It's now nicely perched on the corner of my printer disk in the study because I cant find suitable table space in my room for it.

And this was an extremely happy surprise at the Cath Kidston store in Covent Garden. A knitting bag with matching pouch filled with wooden needles (sorry have yet to cast anything on them so I cant comment on whether they're nice to use). But aren't just lovely!!

I'm currently trying to finish Fr Albert's scarf so it's in the bag and with me almost everywhere I go. (except the office so it's sitting in the car waiting for me right now.)

And below.... my first Habu yarn purchase... made at IKnit London. Went there on our first day in London so I really had to restrict myself from buying everything in the store! Also bought 2 Addi circs - 6mm and 10mm at 40inches so that I can knit my triangular shawl.

Anyway, I'm crocheting a skinny shawl with the Habu Kusa yarn, using 2 strands of yarn and a 5mm bamboo hook. These were done while in Lourdes and on the flight back from London.

Dont' you just love the yarn winder? Almost all my skeins are neat and organised now. (I'm a Virgo aka neat freak!)

Gorgeous Artesano yarn - bought 4 skeins from IKnit to knit my triangular shawl. Might not be enough to make it as big as I want but we'll see how it goes. Have cast this on already cos I couldn't wait!!

Below, my friends, are the SOFTEST yarns I have EVER felt in my life!! Misti Alpaca yarns which I got from Loop. They were recommended in the Knit Cafe book for its men's jumper pattern. I couldn't stop touching the yarn so I had all 3 skeins go through the yarn winder just so I could play with them. I really wish I bought more but they were 10quid a skein... Mighty pricey! Haven't decided what to make with them but Shen wants some hats and mini scarves cos they're so soft!

Another super great find, this time totally unexpected in Barcelona. At 36euros for BOTH and considering how densely compacted they are, super value-for-money!! I actually found this little shop near the restaurant where we watched the Flamenco. They sell hand woven scarves and shawls, all extremely beautiful. I bought one myself.. Couldn't help it. So so pretty. And then I begged the lady to sell me some of her yarn and she oblidged!! I now have to make something with the yarn and later email a picture to her or perhaps blog it and send her the link! Any suggestions?

I have always loved London sales but the John Lewis yarn sale was the BEST! So many yarns at half price! I just had to.. Despite the limited luggage space (I'd already bought clothes from Barcelona and London), I still really wanted them. So Rommel bought me these 2 packs-of-ten. Rowan yarns in muted colours. And so I'm gonna knit something for him in return!

And these 10 balls of Rowan kidsilk haze were bought at the Liberty yarn sale, also at half price! Our trip there was really rushed as we were in the area to go watch Sound of Music the Musical. Too bad I didn't have time to browse more!

And the following 3 are more purchases from IKnit... Have yet to decide what to make with them... Hmmm...

So many projects, so little free time....