Monday, 28 July 2008

Piggin' Out: Penang makan trip

We were in Penang over the weekend.

The "crew" included Rommel, Shen, Patrick and I - we were there for my friend's wedding and we stayed at Lone Pine Hotel, Batu Feringghi where the wedding was held.

The rest of the crew are Auntie Theresa, Uncle Loke, my cousins Su Yen and Su Ling, Su Yen's husband Allen and their 2 kids, Ashley aged 4 and Nicholas aged 2. They came up for St Anne's Feast in Bkt Mertajam and stayed at G Hotel along Gurney Drive.

Our 3 day foodie schedule went like this:
Friday night
- drive up from KL to Penang, arrived at 10.30pm, checked into the hotel,
- headed straight to Jln Masjid Kapitan Keling for nasi kandar. I must say - it lived up to its fame. At midnight, there's a long queue of people (and the queue is ever increasing). Pics to come. Loved it.

Saturday during the day:
- quick breakfast at the hotel (so-so but I loved the roti bakar which you toast on charcoal),
- met up with Su Yen and the rest, then headed for Sisters' char kuey teow at Jln Macalister. No this is not the famous Lorong Selamat one but it's on the other end of Jln Macalister. Not too bad taste-wise but only 2 prawns and little else was in the char kuey teow.
- next was the famous cendol along Jln Burma. Perhaps the best cendol I've had! And certainly the most unhealthy with the amount of coconut milk used!
- Auntie Theresa wanted to get sesame oil from Ghee Hiang shop along Jln Macalister so that was the next stop. Also bought some typical Penang snacks such as tau sar pneah and oriental almond cookies.
- took a break from eating so headed to Queensbay Mall for me to check out Yiyi Craft (a separate review coming for that!)
- lunch was asam laksa next to the Air Itam market. YUMMMMM...... One of the best I've had!
- just across the street from the asam laksa were some durian stalls so we pigged out there too.
- everyone was tired by then so we headed back to Pulau Tikus and visited Jenny's Cake House along Jln Cantonment. This is where my mom visits on almost every trip to Penang for the lovely chocolate cake. We bought just one chocolate brownie cake, which was finished by the next morning (most of it eaten by Shen!!).

Saturday evening was spent just chilling in the hotel, doing watersports and generally hanging out by the beach.

The wedding was on Saturday night so Rommel and I attended while Shen and Patrick ordered room service and chilled in the suite.

- All woke up late. Patrick still went for paragliding anyway and we managed to check out at 12.30pm.
- Su Yen and family drove to our hotel and we headed to Balik Pulau - visited Sister Bernadine at the IJ Convent there.
- Since we were at Balik Pulau, just had to stop to have some durians too. This was just outside the Chong Teik School. Yummm and cheaper than in Air Itam.
- Next, drove back to Pulau Tikus to collect our cakes from Jenny's. I got 10 chocolate loaves, 1 banana loaf, 1 butter loaf, 1 layer cake and 1 cheese cake. Wheeeeee..... and everything made it back to KL safe and yummy.

On the way back to KL, we had a late lunch at Bukit Tambun. Seafood of course. Food was good but there was so much flies there that I dont think I'd go back ever again. Which is sad. We used to go there everytime we went to Penang. Really looked forward to that.

So there. That was our weekend. Are you stuffed just by reading about it? I am!