Saturday, 19 July 2008

Long forgotten FOs

Shen and I just spent a good hour discussing, among other things, different knitting projects I can make and she has commissioned quite a few for herself. I told her to get in line and wait a couple of years. I still have loads of other WIPs and others in my queue.

Anyway, this'll be a short one. I leave you with a 2 long forgotten scarves I'd made and given to her.

First up is a K1xP1 skinny scarf.

Next up, a ruffle scarf made with the Rowan Cashsoft DK - the balance was used for the poncho.

Both still in London... not much of use here, innit?


Huei Suen said...

i like this one!!!!!

Huei Suen said...

the ruffle one....lovely!!

Annie said...

I like the ruffle scarf too!! It's pretty!

Petrina said...

Thanks a bunch for the comments!

My sister, who was the recipient of the scarf, said that she can't seem to find a nice way of wearing it though, so she usually just sort of drapes it on whatever handbag she's using...

Okay shd go take pics of the black one to post... Suennie, if I see you this Sunday, I must remember to bring it for you!