Saturday, 30 May 2009

Knit FO: Basic crochet bolero No.1

Finally, I've grabbed the chance to take some pictures of my crochet bolero, which is named No.2 because I have a No.2 which I made for my cousin Vanessa.

I've worn it a few times now so it's somehow loosened up along the way but the yarn is really soft and comfy!

Project details:
Yarn: Sublime cashmerino silk aran in olive green.
Hook: Japanese hook size 7.
Notes: No.2 was made following the simple single crochet border pattern (the picture on the left in the book) whereas No.1 was made with the frilly border (picture on the right). - see my post on No.2 for pictures of the book.

P/S: Shen, notice that Coach bag in the corner? New luggage!! (Coach is on sale now and Ma's bought quite a bit. Prada starts its presale on Monday.. Die die die.)


knitterPat said...

Lovely colour!
You look slimmer too! :)

Petrina said...

Thanks Pat!! Hehe no it's just the angle in which the picture was taken... No weight loss yet!!

petrina said...

your bolero is very pretty! wish i could crochet too...

Petrina said...

Hi Petrina!
Thanks so much! I actually find crochet patterns much easier to follow vs knitting ones. You should learn!! Very easy, :)