Monday, 17 March 2008

Review: The Yogi Tree @ Gardens

Restaurant: The Yogi Tree
Place: F237-B, 1st Floor, Gardens at Midvalley
Tel: +603 2282 6163
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Okay yesterday's lunch at Yogi Tree was not my first. I had lunch there last Sunday too! And definitely liking it because I think they serve good quality, organic food. And the food taste pretty great too.

I have been meaning to try their scones and since we were there pretty late, ard 2.40pm, we could order the scones (the menu says that they are served from 3pm onwards.)

Verdict: Not too bad scones, a little hard though. A pity that they were served with whipped cream and not clotted cream. As damaging as clotted cream may be to our hearts, they sure as hell make a difference when it comes to scones.

Delicious by Ms Read once served their scones with normal cream instead of the usual clotted cream and I wrote them a note in their suggestion sheet that it was such a pity they decided to cut costs this way. the next I visited, I was glad to find out they reverted to serving the scones with the proper clotted cream.

Mom's mee siam was not too bad too. A little salty but I wasn't feeling very well yesterday so maybe my tastebuds were a little screwed up. Mom said it was the authentic mee siam as it came with a sauce on the side which is how mee siam used to be served in the "good ol days".

Rommel's cheeseburger was superb. I LOVED the "crushed potatoes". Note the word crushed, not mashed. Shen, you'll love it. And the burger was great, the mustard was "hot" enough.

I had the breakfast bap yesterday. And had the traditional English breakfast last week. You can tell I'm having my cravings for English breakfasts. Wish I was in Sandford House Hotel in Shrewsbury again. Best toast and marmalade ever!

One key ingredient was the ketchup. I personally abhore ketchup and never ever eat it with anything. But this ketchup was something else. Even Rommel said so, cos he had it with his burger. Not sweet at all, tastes fresh and doesn't seem to have much preservatives.

My dad didn't want to come out so he was at home watching golf. We bought back the steak sandwich for him.. which he also had last week and though it was great. Also, they have a pretty good selection of vegetarian options.

Total bill came up to RM147++ which was not too bad I suppose. Included 3 juices (mine was a ginger and yoghurt smoothie thing while mom had a very berry smoothie and Rommel a home-made lemonade).

Thumbs up and I'll most likely be there next weekend. Hehe..


Priscilla said...

It all sounds good! Lemme go there when I get back, kay? Hehehe.. Yeah, the cheeseburger and the crushed potatoes look very appealing to me *droools*

Hehehe Sandford House Hotel~~ I've had their breakfasts twice since January you know XD Once when I went to visit Concord after going to a kimono exhibit in Wales, then another time during reunion. The breakfast seemed greasier the second time, though.... Ah marmalade *hearts*

Speaking of food, I tried microwaving bananas yesterday cos I was absolutely craving for them. O_O It was a damn good idea. Cut bananas in half (if they're too long for your bowl), drizzle with lots of honey and sprinkle with just a bit of sugar, and add a tiny bit of butter on top. Microwave on high for abt 1 min, eat. Yum. Alternatively, add chocolate instead of honey. I'm gonna go have that again. Bye!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

ORGANIC mee siam? i've got to get me some of that!