Saturday, 1 March 2008

Babbling.. and last week's pics

Ah... It's Saturday night and I'm at home. But that's okay. I'm super duper tired after this whole week.. and last night, Rommel and I went to his friend Fai's house... Fai was having his usual birthday party. Nadia was there too which was great since I didnt really know the other girls except Kanch and her.

Nadia and I then headed off to Aliyaa's - a new bar next to Jarrod and Rawlins along Jalan Dungun in Bukit Damansara. We met up with Dalilah there which was super cos I have not seen Dalla in almost 3 years!?!?

Oh Fatty, if you're ever reading this, Nadia's boyfriend just got himself a Golf GTI and I sat in it. Rommel liked it a lot. I know you've been bugging me to get it so why dont you go bug Pa to buy it for me. Thanks!!

Anyway, we got home at 3am I think. And I had a 6 hour marathon of class starting 10am.. :(

Okay... Enough.... Here are the pics from last Sunday's cooking session:

I forgot to take pictures before we dug into the steak, lamb and pasta. So here is a pic of the left over. Oops..

Our tiramisu. First attempt and verdict so far: not bad, pretty authentic but way too much Kahlua. Oops again..

Tiramisu in the fridge.

Our light supper: Scallops stir fried with bacon and enoki mushrooms, served on a bed of rocket leaves and lettuce.