Friday, 29 February 2008

What a busy week.. and crappy internet at home

I had some pictures to post from Sunday actually. I cooked lunch and dinner.. and made tiramisu.

Sunday lunch (for 4):
One tenderloin steak 300g, shared between my parents, Rommel and myself.
6 lamb cutlets marinated with garlic, rosemary and some olive oil.
Linguine with mushrooms, garlic, olive oil and a dash of cream.
Homemade mushroom soup.

Sunday supper (for 3):
Stir fried scallops, enoki mushrooms and bacon with rocket leaves and lettuce.
Leftover mushroom soup from lunch.

Pics to come soon (as long as the house internet doesnt act up again).

SO - what have I been doing the whole week? Work work work.. and class. Been averaging 13-14 hours work days and on days when I am not working til late, I'm off to class.

Busy busy.. and so back to work now.. More tomorrow night hopefully.. after 6 hours of class.. :(


-:: Priscilla ::- said...

*___* Looks good!

I forgot to comment on your last post, but I really really can't wait to use all that stuff!!! *giggles evilly*sings happily* Bake bake bake....

Tell me what you did with the scallop and mushroom salad please! I might want to try it too xD Was it inspired by the scallops from Borough Market?

Speaking of Borough Market, the cheese I brought from it two weeks ago turned out funny :( It was all gritty and not that smooth.. It's been known to happen, though, so I'm not worried it's bad or anything, but it just isn't as nice as usual. Taste is still bloody brilliant though XP

I had brussel sprouts stir fried with spam last week. When I told Mel and Patty, they looked at me weird. Is it weird?

Brussel sprouts may be the best vegetables on Earth after broccoli and sugar snap peas. As long as they're not overcooked, that is xD