Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Club Med pics - part 3 (my camera)

Finally, I remembered to bring my lil pendrive home to save all my camera pics in it. It's funny, I keep getting all these free pendrives from briefings and such but I can never find them when I need them! I must have at least 3 lying around the house somewhere. Either that or they're in the office as well.. Time to start clearing my junk!

Anyway, here're the beach shots.....

Amanda, Maureen and Alex on the catamaran..

Geraldine, Ellie and Ashraf's turn..

Myself and Ellie (me desperately trying to get a tan but failed. All I got out of this was sunburnt shoulders)

...... and pics from the bar (our favourite hangout of course!!).

Decisions, decisions....

Tom getting ready to strip.

Our favourite bartender, Kyle... He was the one who introduced all of us to Mozambique Iced Tea.. Similar to Long Island but I think it's way better.

Malibu, Havana Club, Bacardi topped off with lime juice, white wine and cola.

Rommel and I are going to try to make this cocktail. Hopefully we succeed in perfecting the mix before my CNY party!

Tom trying out another cocktail: Liquid Cocain. He had to first put sugar in his mouth and then down the drink.

Group pic!