Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Piggin' Out: Monte's @ BSC

Restaurant: Monte's
Location: Level 1, Bangsar Shopping Centre (on top of WIP)

My family has patronised Monte's for many many years now. The food has always ben consistent, always familiar and of course, lip smacking good.....

Monte's reopened in July after BSC's new wing reopened post the major refurbishment. We were rather tied up that month and so were only able to check the "new" Monte's out a month later.

Good to know that other than the new decor, everything else was pretty much the same....

We love the warm buns and soft creamy butter served as you devour the menu.

But those buns cannot compare to the sinfully creamy garlic bread.

So we save the soft buns to wipe clean the sauce from the baked escargot. (I hope no one is counting the amount of butter and cream we're consuming... and this is just the starters btw.)

Something we hadn't tried before - the pan fried scallops... Doesn't look very presentable but it tastes good.

For mains, Shen had the chicken with mushroom sauce and cabbage. Pretty good.

I felt like having fish so I ordered the salmon.

Rommel had the usual steak, medium please.... For normal steaks (i.e. not wagyu or kobe), I rate Monte's the most value for money.

And Fatteh had the ostrich steak.... I can't remember how this was now which means it wasn't all that great.


** Pictures taken with my Olympus Tough - waterproof and shockproof! Birthday present from Rommel!