Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Piggin' Out: Buddha Jump Over the Wall on NYE

Restaurant: Extra Supertanker
Location: Bukit Utama Golf Club (map included below)

For New Year's Eve, Pa wanted to treat us to something special so we headed to his new favourite restaurant - the recently opened Restoran Extra Supertanker 2 in Bukit Utama Golf Club. (sister restaurant to the outlet with the same name in Damansara Kim)

We had Buddha Jump Over the Wall - the proper kind with that's cooked in a huge pot and is served as 3 dishes - the sharksfin soup to start, a second soup with other goodies like fish maw and dried scallops, then the final dish of a whole abalone.
We also had king prawns, lightly grilled with a bit of sauce.

And my fav - chui pei taufu. Simple and delicious. Would prefer it with more dried shrimps on top though.

And the finale, fried rice for some carbs.