Monday, 12 January 2009

Piggin' out: Downtown KLIA wantan mee

What do you usually eat when you're catching a flight from KLIA in the morning? McDonald's? The nasi lemak stall in the airport? The food court perhaps?

Well, those "in the know" (i.e. the taxi drivers) come to Downtown KLIA, located just across the road from the Concorde Inn KLIA. There's a Caltex station at the entrance into this commercial area. Not many shops are open and there's only 1 Chinese shop at the end selling wantan mee so it shouldn't be difficult to find.

My dad took us there for a New Year's Day breakfast when we sent the two brats back to London.

The nondescript, local setting....

The steamed white chicken (bak zham kai).

The siew yoke and char siu platter.

And of course the wantan mee...

And the perfect accompaniment: Milo.