Sunday, 12 October 2008

Knit FO: Suki bag

Shen, remember the beige bag I started in August? I think it was just before you went back to London. Well, here it is, completed and oh-so-cute!

I'm now using it as a knitting storage bag so I get to keep my smaller projects in it and carry it around conveniently. But if you want, you can have it when you come back in December.

This bag is called Suki simply because I like it and suki means like in Japanese. Apologies for the unoriginality but it's Sunday night, I'm suffering from back to work blues and it's raining heavily outside so I wanna crawl into bed and sleep. Plus I figured that calling it something else like kawaii bag would be even lamer.

No particular pattern was used, I followed the base pattern for one of the Japanese crocheted bags and then made a straight single crochet body and improvised the handles from another Japanese magazine.

The string is basically a simple crochet chain using my newly purchased 10mm hook from Singapore. The yarn is actually 3 different strands of stash yarn that I had - from my Green fairy shawl, my sushi cap and my Alpaca bag.

I'm so pleased with this, my first attempt at making bags that I'm inspired to try making more. And this time, I think I'll follow one of the patterns I've earmarked.


Priscilla said...

*squeals* Oooooh it's sooooo cute!! Make me one! Make me one! :D The braided cord thingy looks really nice. The colours go so well together! I'm stealing it for use in December XD