Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Knit update: Shen your shawl is done... plus a matching bag

Completed Shen's Triangular Japanese shawl this morning. I had some extra bits of yarn left so I decided to make a matching bag to go with it. Super-easy!

The shawl was made with GGH Capri in Mint and Deep Lavender, and with Debbie Bliss Merino DK in grey. Pattern was from the Let's Knit Series Crochet Lace book we got from Kinokuniya in December.

One thing I must note, the shawl is pretty heavy!

The matching bag was made in a jiffy, I followed the pattern for the base in The Crocheter's Guide to Yarn Cocktails book - The Topaz Cocktail Bag, but made the body in simple single crochet.


Priscilla said...

Ooooh pretty!!! It's finally done hahaha. Now, to create a kimono outfit that matches... >:3 Nyehehehhee