Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Finals day: American Idol and Champions League

It's a day of Finals....

First, the American Idol finale... Who will win? David Cook or David Archuleta? If I could vote, it'll go to Cook, simply because I think he has more star material vs Archuleta. Also, I find Archuleta rather annoying and wannabe cute (eww).

BUT, I admit that Archuleta can sing. In fact, tonight's finale was his. Superb performance. I give that to him. Although I hope David Cook wins...

A tough decision and I can't wait for the results tomorrow!

Then, starting at 2am Malaysian time - it's the Champions League finals. Man U vs Chelsea. Lots of boys and grown men who really are boys wont be sleeping tonight. In fact, I'm making a mental note to observe if any of the guys in the office are late tomorrow or keep yawning.

My fascination with football was short-lived. We even set up a girls football team in boarding school.... much to the entertainment of all the guys.. They routinely showed up at our practices and laughed at us. But it was World Cup 2002. We were a bunch of bored kids in the middle of the English/Welsh countryside. We even bought face paint, jerseys etc and never missed any England match.

When I got to London for uni, hanging out with a bunch of guys meant that watching football was inevitable. My favourite part was always sitting in a cosy pub, watching the crowd cheer or groan while watching the game. Of course, a nice cold lager as an accompaniment was great too.

Back in KL, I rarely watch the game. Simply because both my dad and Rommel are not big fans. No particular team, no particular country. My dad spends more time watching Golf TV and Rommel Fifth Gear. So, for tonight's results, I'll happily read in the papers tomorrow. No rush.


Oh, I bought more yarn today. Went to Lily Handicraft in SG Wang again to get the matching yarn for the Lorna shawl. Bought 10 balls of Filatura De Crosa's Zara in medium brown. Cost me RM35.90 each ball.

And, I had a yarn epiphany last night just before I fell asleep. Instead of trying to figure out if I should buy more yarn online, I have decided that it's enough for now. Until next month, that is.. Because, I'll most likely be in Singapore some time mid-June for training and if I have the time, I'll head to Golden Dragon at People's Park Centre, Chinatown OR to Ishida Craft in Tanglin Mall. Yippee...

Then we'll be flying over to London end-June so I get to shop for yarn there too!! Can't wait to check out some of the shops whose address I've found online. Plus, I've also found a yarn shop in Barcelona which is pretty near the hotel. *bliss*

And Shen, there's actually a forum for flashlights?!?!? Fatteh is weird..


Priscilla said...

Hehehe, yeah apparently!! But Patty was saying the part that he frequents is the one discussing where they modify their existing flashlights and it's inspired him to do the same. So he did :P Ask him how it turned ou!

Fatteh said...

You'd be surprised at how many people there are at that forum. Mostly americans though >.< Don't really know which one of the three of us have the wierdest hobbies, heheheh.