Monday, 5 May 2008

Global warming - I feel it

It's been so so so so hot lately. Especially yesterday and today. I went for class yesterday and fell sick almost immediately. Some classmates said it could be due to the change in classroom, the subject or the teacher.

I think it was the weather. The multiple sneezing finally got to me and I left class at lunchtime. Bought wantan mee from Koon Kee for lunch for the family and a packet of porridge from Hon Kee for Rommel (the parents and I had the porridge for breakfast). My dad came to pick me up and we checked the temperature - 37'C... Goodness!! I can't really remember when the last time it was this hot.

And to make things worse, it's really humid too... stifling to be exact. The air doesn't seem to move. It's days like these that I really do appreciate the air conditioning systems - although yes I very well know that they contributed to global warming too.

And in the midst of all this heat, what am I doing? I'm crocheting a shawl. The yarn I'd bought from Jimmy Beans Wool finally arrived! 15 balls in total - 5 GGh Capri in Lavender and 5 in Mint. A remaining 5 are Lorna's Laces Oddball Shepherd Sport in a nice green and brown mix..

The shawl is actually the same pattern I'd done before with the pretty Alpaca yarn I got in London but I ended up frogging because it didn't go with other colours. So now I'm doing the same shawl again, this time alternating the colours between the lavender, the mint and the light cream coloured yarn I used for my baby blanket and Suen's scarf. Rommel has yet to warm to the colour combination yet but he says he'll comment again as the scarf grows. I like it though. Feels like a summery scarf.. and it's always summer here in Malaysia.

Another knit update: Ellie's scarf is doing well, almost halfway there actually. It's just that I keep forgetting to bring it to work and leave it in the car for the drive home. BTW, how many ppl out there do knit and drive? I wonder why everyone's always so shocked when I say I knit and drive during traffic jams. Cos I find reading more distracting - you actually have to really concentrate on reading whereas I dont have to think much when I knit and drive. The key is to choose a simple, repetitive pattern.

I'm thinking of buying more yarn. I just found this new website selling yarn too called Knitch and have signed up for their newsletter. I can't decide. Tough tough tough. And I feel like flying off to Ho Chi Minh City for the weekend to buy yarn from the 2 ladies as mentioned in Sally Knits. Need to find the next long weekend. Shen, I think that'll be during my birthday... Hint hint..

Oh and SHENNNN... Check this out - Kimono style Baby Surprise Jackets

Ta! I'm off to continue crocheting my shawl.


Priscilla said...

KY000000T!!! Baby sweaters hehehehe. Yeah, I can feel it warming o_O The weather sooooo isn't spring anymore! It's practically summer already! Well, for today that is :P It was so warm that I opened all the windows in the flat and made liberal use of two of my fans and I was still glowing pink from the heat!

On a side note, go check out my blog's latest entry :P TAIYAKI!!!

Priscilla said...

I just had scallops for dinner hahahahahaa. AND they were cheap because they were expiring already, so I got them for half price. YAY.