Thursday, 22 May 2008

Results and Thank you!

First up, thank you so much Ellie for the little piggy!!

Here is a pic of her knitting a part of my Lorna shawl - I'm calling her Angel pig for the teeny wings on her back!

And now here's a pic of how Lorna shawl is coming along... The Filagura Di Crosa merino wool yarn I got in Lily Handicraft is really, really nice to work with and the pattern comes up beautifully, even though it's just a simple stockingnette with garter stitch border.

Fatteh, I think you're the weirdest! How's the modifying of flashlights coming along? I think you'd prefer modifying cars, no? Btw, you better work on trying to encourage Pa to buy me the Golf GTI (I dont mind the Mini Cooper S too)!!! We dont have enough cars in the house if you start driving during summer too. He already said that when you and Shen come back this summer, BOTH of you are taking your driving lessons and test! Got that, Shen?

And it's the end of American Idol Season 7... And my vote, David Cook won!! So happy.
Also, Man U beat Chelsea last night. I heard the cheers all the way from Neelas. it actually woke me up at 5am. Must have been during the part where Chelsea's penalty kick didn't make it. Then more cheering when the match was over. I didn't even need to stay awake to watch it to know the results. Fatteh, did you watch it?

Bai... Time to sleep!


JL said...

Hey there,

Nice yarns with neat stitches. The only America Idol i watched is the Season 2 where the Teddy Bear is crown the winner (Ruben) and Clay is the 1st runner up.

Petrina said...


Many thanks! Am still learning though so any advice is much appreciated!