Thursday, 8 May 2008

Flu bug galore, knit update and shoes!

In case you're wondering why am I so free at work... it's because I'm not at work. Been sick since Sunday and it doesn't seem to be letting up. I went to work on Monday but felt ill. Tuesday went to work again but still felt horrible.

Tuesday night was bad - went home early (ard 5.30pm), showered and slept until dinner time. Ate dinner and went back to sleep. Wednesday morning, work up with a really bad sore throat, didn't go to work and slept the morning off. Rommel came back during lunch to take me to the doctor. Got some medicine, slept the afternoon away. Woke up in time for American Idol (although not on purpose.. I just happened to turn the TV on then remembered it was time for AI).

Oh I must add that we went to our "new" shop for dinner. Ipoh Road Hakka Yong Tau Foo in Kuchai Lama! Verdict from Pa, Rommel and Evelyn: Yummy, can beat the Madras Lane Yong Tau Foo which has consistently been my favourite all these years. I cant trust my taste buds at the moment (everything's tasteless to me). But from what I could taste, it was good. Also, the restaurant was really packed and there was a constant stream of people coming and going. I forgot to take my camera with me so couldn't take pictures. Will do a proper review the next time we go there!

So anyway, woke up this morning feeling slightly better (although sleeping proved to be difficult these past 2 nights). Went to work and after sorting some things out, I'm back home again. Just took a packet of the Beechams flu medicine. I totally forgot I had it until Prem asked me why I went to see a doctor. Cos he said there wasn't much point in seeing a doctor for these things. He asked," What did you do when you go the flu in England?". Then it struck me... I take Beechams!

Thanks Shen for buying them for me. And so gonna stock up on more when I get to London in June.

I am waiting for the medicine to lull me to sleep.. and also for the telephone repairman to fix the phone system (it's my phone and the upstairs hall phone that need fixing so I can't go to sleep with him walking in and out of my room, now can I??).

So here are some pics I've been meaning to post but always forgot to....

First up: My new crocheted bag, completed a couple of weeks ago... which has been made using the yarn I frogged from my orange hat. had some leftover yarn (the ball in the picture) which I promptly used to make a matching phone pouch. I'm thinking of making this my first felted project but am a bit scared of felting. Never done it before!.

Next are close ups of the knitted scarf I'm making for Ellie. About 50% completed only so far. This is done with the yarn bought from Lilly Handicraft in Sg Wang Plaza. Gorgeous. I've done a simple lace mesh from "The Knitter's Bible" by Claire Crompton, published by David & Charles. A really easy pattern to remember and great for knitting when driving!

And since I was taking pictures, here's a pic of my new Louis Vuitton shoes! Okay they're not so new. Bought them a month back and have yet to wear them out! Still haven't found an occasion to wear them too. This shoes are probably the second most expensive shoes I've ever bought. First place goes to a gorgeous pair by Sergio Rossi. 4-inch heels with orange snakeskin leather. And absolutely comfy.

Oh yes, I wore the Sergio Rossis together with the dress in my last post to the Climate Change Gala. Shen, the dress is from Salabianca and it isn't yellow, it's lime green. On the rack, I wouldn't have though to buy it but Ma made me try them on and they looked the best on me (compared to other dresses which made me look potentially preggers!). I first wore the same dress for our Chinese New Year housewarming so some ppl who were at the Gala would have remembered the dress. One girl actually had the gall to come up to me, look at me up and down and said, "Oh you're wearing the same dress again." As if it's a crime to do so. Snooty b*tch, I say! So what if I wear it again?

Oh and Shen, another thing, I think I'd better buy Ma a Mother's Day present.. Something from LV? I dunno.. Cos I just got my bonus (which was pretty good, thankfully) and I got a promotion and I got a pay increase. So Ma wants a BIG present. Well, that's what she said... She's in Hong Kong now and probably buying half the shops already.

Sigh still waiting for the guy to fix the stupid phone. My eyelids are closing already. Maybe I'll sleep in your room, Shen.