Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Ravelry and Pay Pal surprise!

Never have I been so happy to see my credit card bill!!

I finally managed to sort out my Paypal account and pay Sarah, the Plucky Knitter for the remaining yarn that I've ordered. She shd be able to send all the yarn I ordered soon!! Am so so so excited! However, I hope the yarn doesn't arrive before June 8th or I'll have a hard time trying to concentrate on my exam!

Saw the credit card bill the moment I got into the house, tore it open, rushed upstairs and switched the laptop on immediately. Checked my gmail as well and found another great surprise! My Ravelry account has been set up!

For non-knitters/crafters, Ravelry is basically a website that caters to knitters and crocheters, for us to post our projects, our WIPs, our yarn stash, needles and hooks. It's a great tool to help us keep track of all the yarn we have (which I admit, I sometimes lose track of), and all the needles and hooks we have (I have bought the same sized needles over and over again so this shd help me keep track!). We also get to meet with fellow crafters and we get access to a great database of patterns and listings for stockists, suppliers etc..

Oh boy.... A lot of time will be spent on Ravelry... I feel it already... *yippee*


Priscilla said...

*laughs hysterically* Now all of us have forums we constantly obsess over! You've got your knitting and crocheting (it's crochet and not crotchet right? One of them is a musical note) forum, I've got my kimono forum and Patty's got his *sniggers* flashlight forum. Ahh the inspirations XD And if I know US or UK sellers well enough, your yarn will probably reach you in 2 weeks!

I just got home from my exam. SUUUUUUCK.