Thursday, 9 October 2008

Ma's birthday.... at Max!

We celebrated Ma's birthday in Max! Kitchen & Wines again this year. Not because we couldn't think of anywhere else but because Pa and I really do like going there to eat! Plus, the upstairs section is just perfect for a cosy group of 24.

Of course, the wines are a must at any dinner Pa organises (no surprise there).

And the tables were nicely set for our arrival...

Of course, my favourite.... warm, toasty foccacia with olive oil and really sweet, sticky balsamic vinegar that's absolutely addictive.

To start, we had the unagi with duck liver terrine with Martell Cognac flambed chanterelle and cepe ragout (I'm copying it from the menu so it's not as if I remembered it by heart!).

For the soup, I chose the creamed borlotti bean soup with scallops and fresh tarragon. Creamy, rich, not too overpowering, a hint of truffle oil and very yummy scallops. And really filling because by the time I was done with the soup, I was almost full.

We offered the guests another choice of soup: roasted shiitake mushroom soup with pan fried frogs legs and parsley. Evelyn had that so I tried a little bit. The frogs legs were really really good, just lightly floured, slightly crunchy and tasty. The soup however, was a bit of a disappointment because there was more cream than mushrooms so it ended up being very very rich!

For the main course, one could choose the cod fish fillet oven roasted on clam stew with chevril puree and braised leek:

Or have what I had... tenderloin of Angus beef with black truffle sauce, parmesan gratinated potato and french beans.. *yum* that was good. (but not as good as my favourite steak from Max - the pepper crusted ribeye)

A third main course choice was the charbroiled lamb cutlet with port wine - mint sauce. Rommel had that so I tried some. Really juicy and tender but still nicely grilled on the outside. As always.

And then came my favourite part.. Varlhona French chocolate souffle with creme brulee with macerated fruit salad and latte ice cream, accompanied by a good cup of cafe latte.

Of course, we must not forget the purpose of this meal, the birthday girl!
The birthday carrot cake is courtesy of godbrother Calvin of Blackforest Tavern.

Happy Birthday again, Ma!


Priscilla said...

*scowls and whaps Ling over the head with a teddy bear* ;_; I hates j00. Here I am, looking at aaaaaaaaaaaall that lovely lovely food (including the ones from HK) while eating chicken and chips after being in school for 8 hours. I want the soooooooup!!!!!

On a good note, I found out that a friend of mine has the same supervisor I wanted for my dissertation, and he helped me set up a meeting with him! *thrilled* I swear, that was the only good thing to happen today *grumbles* This morning, I thought I was late for class and practically ran to the classroom the moment I got off the bus, only to find out that my watch had somehow become 30mins FAST, so I was there HALF AN HOUR EARLY! *sobs* My sleep....

Petrina said...

Shen, you dum-dum! But yea, my watch is screwy too... except it's always slow so I keep thinking it's still early!!