Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Birthday Shen and Melissa and Happy Halloween!

Today is my sister Priscilla (aka Shen) and my cousin Melissa's birthday. And it's also Halloween! And it's a Friday...OOoooOOOOoohh... Spooked yet?

Anyway, Shen, Happy Birthday! Welcome to the world of twenty-somethings. No longer a teen! Treat yourself to some Kulu Kulu Sushi or be a brat and head towards Royal China in Canary Wharf for a feast!

To Melissa, I dont even know if you know about this blog of mine! But anyway, Happy Birthday!!

And another good news - Uncle Tan has just undergone a successful angioplasty. Thank God! I just received Uncle Thomas' sms to let us all know.

Bye for now... Back to work!


Priscilla said...

Thanks piggeh!! :D:D

Hmm I've been having Kulu Kulu a little too often recently, but maybe I'll go to Royal China! :D A friend is coming over later this afternoon so we can play with kimono (she gave me a birthday present last week - a kimono!!! *yay*) so I might go there with her.. Otherwise, we'll probably go to Il Bordello haha. It's my new favourite restaurant because the prices are good, the portions are huge, the staff are friendly, it's delicious and it's RIGHT BEHIND MY HOUSE! Nyehehe... Mel and her sister are staying over tonight too :)

Oh speaking of Halloween, didja know there's this whole article/newspread thing in one of the free newspapers about having a "psychic halloween"? Yeah professional psychics take people around to haunted places and tell them about the ghosts around them then give them readings haha. It's a cute idea.

Okay, gonna go do coursework now. Ta!