Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Happy Deepavali!

Just a short post to wish everyone a Happy Deepavali! My colleague Sunaina tells me that today is the actual day in India for the festival so I guess I'm not a day late like I thought I was!

More to come on our Cameron Highlands trip:
- Restoran Tringkap, Tringkap - really good fried fish and other yummy dishes.
- The Cameron Highland Resort hotel - absolutely lovely, beautiful scenery, Shen we're going back there in December.
- Afternoon tea in T-Cafe, Tanah Rata - the one place I must visit whenever I go to CH.
- Afternoon tea in The Jim Thompson Tea room at the hotel - a proper posh afternoon tea but sadly even they didn't provide us with proper clotted cream. tsk tsk...

Also, I managed to complete my geometric shawl during the drive up to CH and during the evenings. Special incentive to complete it because I didnt bring any other shawl to keep me warm! It's now being washed, dried and blocked by Evelyn so pics soon to come!


Priscilla said...

*waves arms around in air excitedly* Yaaaaay Cameron Highlands!! I don't think I've been there since my last Confirmation Camp 4 years ago! And I wasn't at that hotel :P Still, it's enjoyable up there. Kimono trip kimono trip! Didja go to places like the strawberry farm? I miss that place! I wanna gooooooo