Thursday, 13 March 2008

Taking a breather from work

I'm in the office waiting for someone to send a bunch of things and until she sends them to me, I have some time to spare.

So what do I do? Post pictures!

I've gotten smarter now. What I do is I bring my camera wire along with me in my handbag so in case I want to upload photos, I can do it in the office. Trice already have people in the office ask for my camera to take pictures, then realise that we couldn't upload the pictures immediately.

Anyway.. let's talk about the pictures!

First up is a pic of the mentaiko omu in Yoshi no ma in Cosway. When you enter Cosway via the main entrance, turn left at the first aisle. It's right at the end. Great Japanese fast food such as katsu curry, buta kakuni don, kinoko spa (mushroom spaghetti), and of course my mentaiko omu (rice mixed with cod roe and wrapped in an omelette).

Next up are pics from our Saturday night dinner at Yuzu in Gardens at Midvalley.

And finally, pics from our Sunday night dinner at CWZJ tea house.

I'm getting hungry. But I have a peanut butter sandwich I made for my breakfast. Meiji peanut butter (I just found it in the Japanese supermarket next to my fruits shop in Gardens... absolutely delish!! Best peanut butter ever!!) spread onto a wholemeal bread with nuts bought from RT Pastry House in Taman Desa. Shen, you must be missing the sausage buns.

Ok... hungry.. Ta..