Thursday, 13 March 2008

Still waiting so I decide to write another post.

I had lunch with May Pearl, Nik Hanim and Jalil at Tony Roma's in Pavilion today. Calista couldn't make it cos she had a lunch meeting (that busy woman! This is the second time she's ffk-ed us in what, 3 weeks?!) Hehe..

I've been promising to make them all tiramisu and so I did. Made 3 containers full of it. One for each of them. I would have made 4 but there wasn't enough of the mascarpone and cream mixture. So I ended up making 2 cups of tiramisu which are now sitting nice and chilled in the house fridge waiting for me and Rommel to eat them.

Anyway, Im not waiting any longer. I'll send the files via Blackberry later. That's that they're for. Ta..


Priscilla said...

Fufufufufufufu (that's the way Japanese people write "evil laughter" in manga) I'm hungry.... MENTAIKO OMU RAISU!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sits, stares and drools* Damn you ;__; *stomach rumbles* I wanna eeeeaaaaaaaaaat.....

I found this really nice packet of slices of smoked goose in Waitrose!! Damn, it's soooo addictive but so expensive! I'm resorting to the smoked duck, which is a cheaper (but just as tasty) alternative. Yum!

By the way, I need cash. :P Send some?