Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Piggin' Out: Floyd's Brasserie at Burasari, Phuket

Restaurant: Floyd's Brasserie at Burasari, Phuket
Location: Patong, Phuket
Cuisine: Classic French

Rommel mentioned that Keith Floyd, whose travel escapades I have been following since my Sky TV days in London, had a restaurant in Phuket. So of course we had to try it! It's located in the chic Burasari hotel, about a 15 minute walk from our hotel, just off the main Patong Beach road.

The restaurant had a very cosy setting with a Mediterranean feel to it (the blue and white tiles on the floor remind me of Greece). Not noisy but you can hear the gentle chatter of fellow customers.

The bread basket was served with a selection very light and creamy butter, olive oil and balsamic vinegar combo and a sundried tomatoes spread. We first thought that the tomato spread was some sort of sambal (we were in Thailand after all so we thought he might have made some sort of fusion concoction).
For starters, I had the poached eggs with burguncy sauce, topped with a sprinkling of croutons and chopped bacon bits. I loved it. Shen, I think you'll enjoy it too. It's eggs with red wine and bacon. What can possibly go wrong??

Rommel had the panfried foie gras on bruschetta. Simple, classic French. Served with grilled asparagus and salad with balsamic dressing.

For mains, I had the panfried duck. While I found the duck too fatty and not panfried enough (the skin was rather tough and not crisp at all), I loved the vegetables with bacon that came with it. Reminds me of the home-cooked meals we got in Lourdes.

Rommel was on a foie gras roll (again) and had the tenderloin with foie gras. Meat slightly overdone vs his requested medium and slightly tough but you cant compared it to kobe or wagyu!!

All served with new potatoes and veg on the side.

Was it within expectations? I'd say yes. It looks pretty much like how Floyd's food looks on tv!

Would I go back? Probably but just to have the poached eggs and the vegetables. The meal wasn't cheap though - cost us ~Bt4000 or ~RM400 for both of us.

Although, we did have like 2 bottles of sparkling water, 2 coconuts and a mocktail because we were really really thirsty after spending the whole afternoon walking around Patong.

Shen, would you want to try?