Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Knit shopping impulse... Help!!

Uh-oh... I have a sudden urge to do some damage to my yarn diet.

I've been good for the past few months. Haven't bought anything craft-related (except for some magazines) since 2 Dec! And my last purchase was 5 skeins from The Plucky Knitter. I think I deserve a pat on the back for being so "disciplined".

I think I tend to stick to my yarn diets better than food diets. Can't help it. One needs to eat to survive. And if one is going to eat, might as well make it a good meal.

So my mind is filled with all sorts of ideas on what sort of yarn to buy, what new project shall I cast on, should I make another throw to match the TV room downstairs so I can use it when watching the telly? And on the back of my mind, my conscience is telling me that I have loads of yarn sitting around in my room and I might never be able to reduce my stash (actually the thought of being swamped by yarn makes me happy).

What I need to buy are DPNs.... Just realised I actually have only 1 set of 4mm bamboos! Never really had a reason to buy DPNs since I dont make socks. Hmmm all the "reasons" why I need to visit Jet Sun today.... Hehehe... We'll see. Maybe I'll pop by at lunch time.

Quick knit update:
Been working on the Chantilly baby blankie as often as I can (which is not much on weekdays). I'm about 75% done I think and am on my 3rd skein. I'd bought 4 skeins of Katia Chantilly for this blankie but looks like I'll need no more than 3 skeins for it. Am now planning a small baby hat for the 4th skein.

Now back to work!