Saturday, 30 August 2008

Piggin' out - Penang food

#1: Nasi Kandar Masjid Kapitan Keling.

Only open from 10pm onwards and when we got there at around midnight (we drove up from KL that night so went there right after checking in), there was a queue already.

One wonders why on earth would anyone eat such a heavy meal in the middle of the night and on top of that, you have to queue for it. Here's the tiny little stall which is on the right hand side of Masjid Kapitan Keling. You can't miss it cos everything else is closed and there's loads of people here.

Sorry no pictures of the food. We drove up without dinner and were starving when we got there so we just dived in at ate. But, it was really really good food. I'm no expert on nasi kandar but Rommel said it was really good. My sis, who usually doesn't like curry stuff, also liked it.

#2 Otak-otak @ Jalan Macalister

This was at the same shop as Sister's Char Kuey Teow. Not too bad but I've had better ones with a bit more fish here in KL.

#3: Mee Jawa @ Jalan Macalister

Again at that same shop as above. We were there for the char kuey teow but heard that this was good too so we ordered one plate. Not too bad la but not really our type of thing.

#4: Sister's Char Kuey Teow @ Jalan Macalister

Recommended by Andy, a Penangite, we decided to try this one instead of going to the Lorong Selamat one (which is probably the more famous one).

Small portion, not much ingredients apart from 2 prawns. Taste-wise, it was so-so only. Pretty disappointing and the lady selling it (see below) was really fierce. tsk tsk.

#5: Cendol along Jalan Burma

I can't tell you exactly where these 2 stalls are but they are in a small lorong along Jalan Burma. Both facing each other and each sign says that that's the famous cendol. I cant remember now which one did we try from in the end but apparently they both pretty much taste the same. Loads of coconut milk so it was good! and totally unhealthy of course.

#6: Assam laksa and sugar cane juice @ Ayer Itam

After cendol, we headed to Ayer Itam for the famous assam laska right next to the market. The sugar cane juice was also very refreshing, a perfect accompaniment.

Yummmmm..... probably the best assam laksa I've had in years!

#7: Durians @ Ayer Itam
Across the street from the market were some fruit stalls and durian stalls. We went to one that my cousins have been to as they have places for you to sit and also a sink to wash your hands.

Really good durians... Creamy, some sweet, some bitter... I think my niece, Ashley's happiness says it all.

Half her face was covered with durian by the time we finished.

So there, that was Penang.... Always a foodie trip. Would you believe that we'd eaten all of that (except for the Nasi Kandar) in one day??

No wonder why we have trouble losing weight!!


Priscilla said...

Nyahahaha, I feel full just remembering that day! And don't forget the room service and my chocolate cake too. *stuffed*

If I remember correctly, it was the first stall that we tried. OH remember that they also have an outlet in Pyramid?

Walter said...

I can understand your niece !
I just had Durian last week and that's definitely the way to eat it : with your whole face !

Petrina said...

Hi Walter, yup yup stuffing your whole face is definitely the way to go! Hmmm we have 2 durians sitting on our front porch at the moment and they smell good. The durian season is just starting again!