Monday, 3 March 2008

3 nights of sheer gluttony

For the past 3 dinner, I have been having really rich food. I wanted to do reviews on each of the places individually but I dont have the time. And I didn't take as many nice pictures as I wanted. I blame the camera. Haha..

First up: Saturday night dinner at Ichiban Boshi, Pavilion KL.
Decent food at decent prices. For Rommel and myself, it cost us RM85.90. And we had a lot to eat!

The handmade soba in Ichiban Boshi is one of the better ones I have had in KL. In fact, the first time I ate here, I thought the soba was better than the Kampachi one just upstairs. But the soba with deep fried tempura batter that I had this time around wasn't that nice. We think it could be due to the fact that it was late (we ate at ard 9+pm) so it was not as fresh.

Spicy cereal tori karaage... something different.

Next: Sunday night's dinner at Gu Yue Tien, Chulan Square, KL

Another great meal. This time with His Grace Archbishop John Ha of Kuching, Father Simon Yong SJ, Dr Jeffrey Goh and wife, Uncle Max, Aunty Rubyann, Uncle Dominic, Aunty Gay, Ma, Pa and Rommel.

Always my favourite - pork stomach soup with sharks fin - this is a slight twist to the traditional pork stomach soup. Yum..

Deep fried cod with some chilli sauce that tasted very much like the chilli crab sauce we like. Good stuff..

Thinly sliced beef with mushrooms, olive oil and some minty-herby sauce.

A new twist to Loh Mai Kai.. The glutinous rice mix is stuffed into a chicken wing which is then deep fried. Excellent.

Then comes tonight's dinner:

Farewell dinner for Cheryl and Bernard who are flying back to Cairnes tomorrow morning. We ate at Unique Seafood, Section 13.

Lobster sashimi which I daren't eat after what happened at Rick's Cafe Casablanca. But the lobster was later cooked with porridge and I took the porridge bit. I tried a bite of the lobster but started to wheeze almost immediately.

Cheryl's special order: cheese-baked Japanese snails.

Braised loong tan fish with tofu and veg. Loved the tofu. Am a bit sick of eating loong tan cos at one point in time, my dad was OBSESSED with eating it. Thankfully, he's over that now.

Shen, I've been trying to MMS you stuff but you dont seem to be getting them. Wonder what's wrong. Anyway, I sent you a pic of this really nice wood engraved fan with a gold chain from Loewe. Cost RM890 but it's really nice! Totally useless but really nice! Would go VERY VERY well with all your kimono and yukata sets. Esp since its just wood and gold chain.

And I need to take a picture of my new Louis Vuitton shoes to show you!! But it's been raining heavily lately so I dont want to take the risk and ruin this pair of shoes. Esp when it cost almost 2/3 of my monthly salary! Whoops...

And I will take a picture of the new Loewe bag too... It's very light yellow with a tan border on the top and peach handles. Doesnt sound as nice but it all goes really well. And it's made of lambskin so its super super soft...



Priscilla said...

OOOOOH FOOD! *drools* I wanna try the cheese baked snails!! I love cheese-baked anything from the Section 13 Seafood place! Yum... *stomach grumbles*

I think I did get the pic of the fan. It looks really really nice!! But RM890 x_x picture this: *waves fan around happily* CRACK *hit it against something and wood breaks* ;_;

Btw, I think I'm gonna buy more kimono bras so I can wear kimono more often and so it'll be easier for you to wear them too hehehe. What do you think? XP