Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Finally things are settling

What a week this has been! And its only Wednesday!!

Let's see, Monday I got home at 9pm, yesterday 11pm. Today is a good day cos everything's almost done.

Enough about work...

So how was last weekend? Firstly, we had our 12th general elections on Saturday. My first time voting! I was still in London during the last elections in 2004.

Result: BN won again albeit a lesser majority. General consensus thinks this is positive as it gives the government a wake up call.

Mom organised a craft session at home that Saturday ard lunch time. They are preparing the candles for sale during Easter. This time, we're raising funds for the World Youth Day taking place in Sydney this July. Some youths who cannot afford the trip but want to go have been invited for a sponsored trip so that's where the money is going to.

Of course, my dad took the opportunity to show off his cooking. He make char youk which I cant really explain except that its deep fried pork with black fungus and fermented tofu (I think). This went really well with the wantan mee which he also cooked (he bought the wantan mee obviously but made the sauce and all).

Mom also showed off her cooking skills and cooked pork stomach soup... my fav!

I took pics but they're at home..

We had dinner in Yuzu on Saturday night. I also took pics.

Okay, I'm getting really tired. Time to go home! Ta


Priscilla said...

PORK STOMACH SOUP!! *droooooool*... Eh I haven't tried Pa's Wantan Mee yet!!! X3 Got to tell him so he can cook for us when we get home hehehehehe.......

Post pics soon! And go destress or something, you sound frazzled o_O