Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Piggin' Out: Restoran Tringkap

Restaurant: Restoran Tringkap, Tringkap, Cameron Highlands.
Location: Along the main road of Tringkap, directly across from the civic hall.
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Now we were on our way to Cameron Highlands, using the new Simpang Pulai way. Pa only realised while we drove past Kampung Raja that this new way took us to CH from the back (as in we came up from Kampung Raja, past Tringkap and then arrived at Brinchang instead of the old route via Tapah where we'd pass Ringlet, Tanah Rata and then Brinchang.)

So Pa got all excited, saying that there was a restaurant in Kampung Raja that was famous for really good fresh water fish. Rommel did a google search on his iphone and found Niu Kee in Kampung Raja and this restaurant: Restoran Tringkap.

Since we were already on the way to Tringkap, I kept on the lookout for it. Really easy to find - just across the civic hall.

So enough words.... here was what we came to this restaurant for.... deep fried sliced fish with black pepper. Wow... the fish was sliced really thinly and fried so perfectly that when you bite, you can literally hear the crunch. And the fish is so fresh that I didnt even mind that it was a fresh water fish. Ma loved this dish so much that she was happily munching away until the end of the meal (and that is realllllly rare!). The fish is served with a Thai style mango salad that complemented it really well.

Fresh veg from the highlands... simply stir fried with garlic.

And we ordered another one of the specialties - steamed ikan keli or catfish. Again, I'm no fan of fresh water fish and I have serious issues eating steamed fresh water fish but this was really really good! No fishy smell or taste!! That shows how fresh it was.

Pa also ordered a typical Hakka dish - stewed sliced fatty pork with yam. This was not very good, in my opinion, simply because my aunt makes a killer version of this dish! And Pa agreed with me on this.

Also ordered the steamed kampung chicken with soya sauce and minced ginger. Now this was really good too. Of course the chicken meat would be tougher than usual since it's kampung chicken but it was really tasty. Loved the minced ginger. I think I can eat a whole bowl of rice with just the ginger.

Shen and Fatteh, we are bringing you to this place when you come back for Xmas!

**Forgot to add that the meal cost RM128. And we had 2 fishes!!