Sunday, 10 August 2008

Piggin' Out: Four-day binge

I think we've overeaten these past 4 days.

It all started on Wednesday with dinner at Gu Yue Tian. This was a farewell thingy for Fr Albert (remember the scarf?), attended by him of course, my family, Datin Pauline and Aunty Sherece and Fr Simon.

My dad, as usual ordered all our favourite dishes there:
- the steamed egg yolk with foie gras reduction sauce
- the very crispy and well marinated deep fried pork ribs
- the pig stomach and pepper soup with sharksfin
- cold abalone, served on a bed of shaved ice
- some special fried rice, which I cant remember the name of right now
- mini pan fried char siew pau for dessert
- sea coconut and ginseng soup (cold and refreshing) for dessert

Then the next day it was dinner with Uncle Lee at Pik Wah Lau. This restaurant is located near the Methodist Boy's School around the Chinatown area of KL. Apparently it used to be extremely popular in its heyday but on the night we were there, we were practically the only table (only 2 other tables with 2-3 ppl and they ate and left early). Rather disturbing and probably not very safe since anyone could have come in with parangs, robbed us all and tied us up and no one would find out. (That was what my dad was thinking btw)

But the food - yup still pretty good "like the old days", according to the uncles. 14 ppl in attendance - My family, Uncle Lee and Yen Ling, Uncle Max and Aunty RubyAnn, Uncle Watson and Aunty Annie and Uncle Michael and Aunty Diane.

Dishes that were memorable were:
- The sharksfin with fish lips soup
- The four seasons dish that came with frogs legs
- Deep fried tiger prawns
- The fried rice

Conclusion: Pretty good but am not sure if we'll go back simply because we didnt feel comfortable eating there!

Then Datin Pauline wanted to buy us dinner on Friday since the siblings are back from London. And she wanted us to choose the restaurant. I've been meaning to take them to Sao Nam in Tengkat Tung Shin so this was a good opportunity to let them all try it. (Check out my previous review on them!)

I ordered the banh xeo, the goi cuon, the pomelo salad and the mangosteen salad as starters for all to share. Mom loved the mangosteen salad so much that she ordered another one for herself.

For mains, we had the different types of noodles, all for everyone to share. My dad was being his usual self and didn't want to eat the other noodles, settling happily for his pho bo.

One main highlight was that the desserts seemed to have improved from my first visit there. (On my second visit, I actually didnt order dessert but instead walked over to Max for dessert instead.)

And then finally, last night was Rommel's friend's wedding, held at Sunway Hotel. I dare say it was probably the most OTT wedding I've attended in my life. For starters, the entrance of the bride and groom was accompanied by ballerinas prancing around the stage and they appeared from the top of 2 staircases on the stage. Then there were performances by rather random groups - there were people doing pop dances, break dancing, a bunch of cheerleaders etc. We figured that since the groom's dad was in events management that the wedding seemed to be sort of like one of the events they'd do for clients. Exceptional decor and light work though and complete with loads of little fireworks and confetti being strewn about.

The food - not the best I've had for wedding dinners but it was alright. A typical Chinese style dinner with the usual four seasons, sharksfin soup, roast chicken, steamed cod, fried prawns etc...

The one oddity was the belacan fried rice which did not have any belacan taste and was rather bland.

But a wedding is a wedding and in true style, the boys all drank. And drank. And drank. Until we pretty much got kicked out of the ballroom at 1am. tTen almost everyone headed to Euphoria, the MoS club.

Rommel's been meaning to check Euphoria out for a while now so this was a good opportunity. I wasn't too keen because I've been to the MoS in London and didn't think it was all that great. True enough, the crowd was barely a crowd, it wasn't packed and the music wasn't my type of thing.

So Rommel, Fai and I left early and headed to Bangsar for Nasi Lemak. There goes my once-a-month nasi lemak quota! Met up with Shirin and Dinesh and their friends there. They'd gone for the Kent event at the Mines and were raving about how good the place was.

So there. That was my weekend. Time to figure out what to eat for Sunday lunch!