Monday, 25 August 2008

Fruitful shopping in Singapore

Was in Singapore over Thurs - Saturday. Lil break while Mommy's there for a conference Technically I did a bit of work too cos I had lunch with some corporates on Friday, albeit I was in jeans and came to the restaurant with a bag full of dresses from Blum. But my mom has been following the progress of this particular company for many a year now and we know them pretty well so they were cool about me being so casual.

Shen, sorry for waking you up so early (was it 7am your time when I called?) but I had to find out what sort of patterns did you want from Golden Dragon.

Anyway, here's the damage done in less than 3 days:

Blum at Hitachi Tower
(My mom's favourite place to shop for dresses and office suits. Walking distance from The Fullerton. They also have other outlets all over SG.)

I got 7 dresses - 3 work ones and 4 casual. Shen I got a yellow and white halter neck dress which is more you than me actually and it's a bit loose for me in the chest area so you should try it on when you get back for Xmas! I'm actually wearing one of the work dresses right now.

Ma bought countless dresses and suits and cardigans and I dunno what else but we had to buy a new Mandarina Duck luggage to fit everything she'd bought. Luckily, we flew Business Class so the luggage went through with no issues. It was 26kg - all new clothes okay!!! (Btw, Shen, we bought another one exactly like the one you brought back to London.)

Charles and Keith (at Changi airport)
SALE: 50% off for most shoes!! The sale was also on in the other C&K shops in the city but since I knew we could get them at the airport, I decided to wait until we got there. I bought 1 pair of cream-coloured shoes with a brown buckle.

Ma got 2 pairs and Grace got 6! We now know who is a shoe-a-holic!

Golden Dragon at People's Park Centre
Of course, I had to make a trip to GD and so I went on my own.
Bought 8 types of cloth materials for Shen (will take pics and post them when I have time).
Also got 10 balls of Jaeger Merino DK Aran in black for S$75 and 10 balls of Jaeger Merino DK in teal also for S$75!!!!! Damn good bargain and I couldn't stop myself.
And, I bought some really pretty Japanese yarn - 6 balls which the shopgirl said would be sufficient for a vest / tank top. Pics to come.
AND, 5mm and 4mm bamboo circs in 100cm lengths (I couldn't find them in KL and I already have 6mm and 10mm ones in that length).
And one more - a little Clover kit with stitch markers, stitch holders and bunch of other things. So cute.

Spotlight, Plaza Singapura
I had dinner with Aunty Lena and family and mentioned my trip to GD. Uncle Jude immediately mentioned Spotlight at Plaza Singapura for a good selection of yarns. Of course, I had to visit there too and went on Saturday morning!

So much choice!! I must say that the yarns sold at Spotlight were cheaper than GD but not as luxurious. I didn't have much luggage space left so I only got 6 balls of Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice in a nice lavender. Should be sufficient for a shawl. Will definitely be visiting Spotlight the next time I'm in SG to take advantage of the great discounts they have!

Louis Vuitton in Ngee Ann City
Ma attacked the LV store first without me since she flew to SG earlier. She came back to the hotel with a pair of jeans, belts and shoes.

Then I wanted to check it out too so we went there again on Saturday.

Nothing new to buy so we finally got the Monogram Speedy 40" that Ma always wanted (okay there are loads of bags that "she always wanted" but this is what she's been talking about for the past few weeks).

I also got the latest small Monogram Mini bag in dark brown (the one that matches my wallet and the shoes I got in Harrods last year). Used it over the weekend and for such a small bag, it can fit loads of things! Shen, you'll like it but it's MINE! =P

Other stuff I bought:
- A pair of flat white pumps from some shop in Wisma Atria (am wearing them now actually)
- 2 dresses from Hula & Co in Wisma Atria (beach dresses for Phuket this weekend)

Now, wasn't that a great shopping trip or what!?


Priscilla said...

*jaw drops* No kidding! Lots and LOTS of damage done!!! I can't wait to see pictures! Post some post some! XD

Oh! If you want a nice beachy dress, remember the one I wore in Penang? And remember the dress I bought in Barcelona? They're both hanging in my closet, so if you want more dresses, you can use them! I'll probably bring them back to London in December so that I can wear them in the summer next year.

Petrina said...

Beachy dress? Okay I'll go look in your cupboard.

Pictures maybe next week only la. It's results season so v busy at work!

Lionel said...

Hi petrina, this Lionel from Thecorkbrothers. hahahah yes I agree with Priscilla that is a lot of damage for a short trip.

Knits and nibbles very interesting title but where are the nibbles lah? eat anything interesting in SG?