Wednesday, 20 August 2008

RIP: Sister Bernadine

Sister Bernadine passed away last night. She has not been feeling well for a while now, what with diabetes and a weak heart. When she last came to visit during Chinese New Year this year, we could already tell that she was getting weaker.

Still, she was her joyful self then, still loved to giggle at the funny things we tell her, still loved to gamble (she always lost because she actually didnt know how to play but wanted to join in the fun), still loved to have her little sips of wine or brandy...

When we went to visit her in the Infant Jesus Convent in Balik Pulau 3 weeks ago, despite her poor health, she still looked happy and was always smiling. Reverend Mother had said she wasn't eating too well and was still as fussy as ever about her food.

Sr Bernadine was coughing pretty badly then. And I knew it was durian season and that she loved the fruit. So I quietly asked her, "Sister, have you been eating too much durians?". To which she giggled and nodded her head. "And why have you not been taking your medicines?" I prodded. She made a face and said she didn't like the taste.

She was as how she has always been, innocent, playful and always a smiling face for everyone.

Mom and Auntie Annie went up to Penang this afternoon to visit her as she was their godmother but it was too late. Still, they paid their last respects and while they were both at the coffin, praying for Sister, Mom said she saw a slight movement in Sister's eyes, as if to tell my mom that she knew they were there to see her.

Mom didn't say a word to Auntie Annie until after they'd left the hospital. Then, Auntie Annie admitted she'd seen something too.

But what Mom said was that Sister looked peaceful. That's what's important, at the end of it.

We'll miss you, Sister Bernadine. May you rest in peace.